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Presenting well is part of performing well.

You looking your best is the first step to interacting in the professional world. I love people, and I enjoy helping them look their best.

I’ve been capturing the best of people for the last 16 years–it’s been my hobby, joy and profession since I was young. I’ve learned from and worked with the best. Come by the studio, and I’ll make you look great.

This is for your professional presence, for your Linked In, facebook, website, etc. These photos can go on your mother’s fridge too–I’m sure she’ll be proud.

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$ 275.00


  • 1 hour photoshoot with 1 look
  • 1 week turnaround
  • Top 3 photo, retouched & mastered, digital format

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Most people are nervous, but I guarantee that you’ll be glad you came. I’ll help you put your best face forward. You can always call me before hand to discuss your outfit, wardrobe and makeup.

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